Fuck The Energy Companies!!! Make More Stuff Like This Fucking Phone!!!

I don’t appreciate the fact that energy companies charge money for energy. That pisses me the fuck off!!! Some motherfuckers say that some perpetual motion machines are real, and they might be right, and if they are then those kinds of perpetual motion machines would be able to provide all of the energy that we need, for free. However, even if perpetual motion machines are not possible, there is still a metric shitload of energy all around us. It pisses me the fuck off that these energy company fucks are charging for energy! We need to make stuff that can use that energy all around us, like these motherfuckers did when they made this phone that uses the energy in the environment to make calls. Check it out by clicking the link, just below:


Good job, motherfuckers who made that phone! Okay, so it is just a prototype, and it needs work before it makes it into the market, but they can (hopefully) work out all of the kinks. We need to make more stuff like that phone so that we don’t need to be paying for energy. FUCK CAPITALISM AND FUCK THE ENERGY COMPANIES THAT CHARGE US MONEY FOR SOMETHING THAT SHOULD BE FREE!!!

Practicing Is Supposed To Make Things Better!

WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! Practicing is supposed to make things better, not worse! That shit really pisses me the fuck off when practicing makes things worse! I need to take my brain out of my head, beat the shit out of it, and then put it back in my head so that it will start working right! It really pisses me the fuck off when I practice and things get worse! That doesn’t even make any fucking sense!!! FUCK!!!

Fucks Talking Shit About Motion Controlled Gaming Pisses Me The Fuck Off!!!

I don’t appreciate these fucks who talk shit about motion controlled gaming. That pisses me the fuck off!!! I heard this fuck the other day talking about how he “generally doesn’t like” motion controlled gaming, or some shit like that. That pissed me the fuck off!!! Motherfucker, even if there are some games where motion controlled gaming is not a good idea, there are other games where we SHOULD have motion controlled gaming. It CAN and DOES enhance the experience in many games, you stupid fuck! Shut the fuck up with that kind of shit! You don’t need to be saying that kind of shit, motherfucker! Motherfuckers saying that kind of shit discourages game developers from making motion controlled games. That pisses me the fuck off!!!

I Hate These Fucks Being Disrespectful To Me!!!

I’m tired of these motherfuckers on the internet who are disrespectful to me. That pisses me the fuck off!!! These fucks need to quit doing that kinda shit! I wish I could deal with some of these motherfuckers the same way that The Sopranos deal with motherfuckers who are disrespectful to them, like they dealt with the disrespectful fuck in the clip, just below:

Allergies Don’t Make Any Fucking Sense!

They whole concept of allergies pisses me the fuck off!!! It doesn’t even make any fucking sense! How is the body going to overreact to things that are not even a threat? Shouldn’t it know how to react to things? Who the fuck would design this kind of a system? If some god designed this system, then he needs his ass beaten! Other motherfuckers who need their asses beaten are these motherfuckers who say that their god that they believe in doesn’t make mistakes. Fuck those motherfuckers!!! What the fuck do you motherfuckers call an allergy? Do you motherfuckers think that it makes sense for the body to overreact to things that are not significant threats? Of course not, you stupid fucks!!! Stop believing that your god does not make mistakes, you fucking fucks!!!

I Don’t Appreciate When Things Slip Out Of My Fucking Hand!

That pisses me the fuck off!!! Why the fuck does that need to happen? It just happened to me, yesterday. Motherfucker, if I wanted the fucking thing to be on the floor, I would have put it there! I don’t need this kind of shit! That pisses me the fuck off that the laws of physics cause shit like that to happen! That doesn’t make any fucking sense that some dumb fuck would make the laws of physics that way. If there’s a motherfucker that made the laws of physics this way, and I ever find that motherfucker, I’m going to beat his fucking ass!!!

Stay On The Fucking Shelf, You Fucking Fuck!!!

I’m getting tired of these fucking bottles falling off of the fucking shelves that I put them on!!! FUCK!!! Just the other day I accidentally hit a shelf, and a bottle fell off. That pissed me the fuck off!!! I don’t appreciate that kinda shit happening! That motherfucker didn’t need to fall off of the shelf. It could have stayed on the fucking shelf, where I put it. I didn’t put that motherfucker on the shelf for it to go onto the floor. That doesn’t even make any fucking sense. FUCK!!! Why couldn’t the laws of physics be set up so that it stayed on the fucking shelf? I don’t appreciate the laws of physics causing me to be pissed the fuck off. GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!!!

Death To Veil!!!

Veil on Into The Badlands is a dumb fucking cunt, and I’m glad they killed her stupid ass! I mean, Quinn was dead at the end of the first season, but that dumb cunt actually healed him and let him live! I mean, that’s just fucking stupid! How the fuck are you going to do shit like that? This cunt is even dumber than Chloe Tousignant! I already bitched about Chloe here:


Chloe died, of course, as I posted here:


Now, Veil’s dead, too. If I tried to kill Quinn, and then my dumb fucking girlfriend went and saved his life, I would have killed the bitch, myself! I’m glad they’re killing off these dumb fucking cunts. DIE DUMB FUCKING CUNTS!!!