Pseudoskeptic Scientist Fucks Need To Look At Stuff!

I’m getting pissed the fuck off at these pseudoskeptic scientists not looking at stuff just because they don’t think that it is possible. Motherfuckers think that perpetual motion machines are impossible, so they don’t try to look at these machines, or, worse, they try to look at them just to debunk. You pseudoskeptic scientist fucks need to stop doing that kind of shit! I don’t appreciate pseudoskeptic scientists fucks being that way! A motherfucker has built a perpetual motion machine that has been running since the 1950s and scientist fucks still don’t want to take a look at it with an open mind:


Motherfuckers At Snopes Are Pseudoskeptic Fucks!!!

Those fucks at Snopes are a bunch of pseudoskeptic fucks! They’re “debunking” ain’t worth shit! Fuck those fucking fucks! Some conservative motherfucker posted an article whining about Snopes having a liberal bias, which is true, but it is short-sighted because Snopes is biased in a lot of ways. Still, I like how this conservative motherfucker tore into those shitheads at Snopes, and I love the title of the article, which you can get to by clicking the link, just below:

Quit Hurting In The Morning, You Fuck!!!

I’m getting pissed the fuck off about my eyeballs hurting in the morning! I don’t appreciate that kind of shit! Why the fuck does that need to happen? I think that it is because of the birds in my eyes. Those piss me the fuck off even if they don’t hurt. Why the fuck does that kind of shit need to happen in people’s eyes? That pisses me the fuck off!!!

You Pseudoskeptic Fucks Just Got Fucked Up Your Ass So Far By Tom DeLonge That He Busted Your Teeth Out Of The Front Of Your Mouth

You pseudoskeptic fucks talk so much shit about how it is, supposedly, crazy to think that The United States Government is studying UFOs, or that there was a conspiracy to cover it up. Well, now you just got fucked by Tom DeLonge and his friends in the intelligence and deep cover communities. Watch it and weep, you shitheads!

Neil deGrasse Tyson Is A Stupid Pesudoskeptic Fuck Who Can’t Do Simple Math

Those pseudoskeptic fucks like Neil deGrasse Tyson are stupid fucks who think that it is okay to lie about stuff and try to make themselves look smarter than they really are, even though they are stupid as fuck. Pseudoskeptic fucks piss me the fuck off!!! This fuck is such a clown. He fabricated a quotation, and didn’t even understand the concept of an average. WHAT THE FUCK?! If I was running this country, I’d have fucks like him beat the fuck up until he stopped doing shit like that. You can read more about it by clicking on the link, just below:

Right-Wing Fucks Are Snowflakes

I’m getting tired of these hypocritical right-wing fucks calling liberals “snowflakes” and criticizing liberals for being “triggered.” I mean, liberals DO get triggered and act like snowflakes, but that’s the pot calling the kettle black. I mean, look at these right-wing fucks going ballistic because NFL players want to kneel during The National Anthem. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! It ain’t like they’re pissing on the flag, or burning it. Yet, these hypocritical right-wing fucks are going all psycho and saying they should fire the players or stop watching football. I mean, I think that football is stupid, so I wouldn’t mind seeing the players fired and then end of that sport, but not on account of the players kneeling. Quit being so hypocritical, you stupid right-wing fucks! Then again, I’ve pointed this out to some right-wing fucks and they don’t even seem to think that they’re getting triggered, so they’re stupid as fuck, on top of it! Quit being stupid, as well, you stupid fucking hypocritical right wing fucks!!!

I Forgot, God Damn It!

I’m so pissed the fuck off about so many things that I, sometimes, forget what I was just pissed the fuck off about not too long ago. That pisses me the fuck off!!! Earlier today, I had a specific subject in my mind that I was pissed the fuck off about that I wanted to post about, but I forgot what that subject was. That pisses me the fuck off!!!

Get Pushed All The Way, You Piece Of Shit Handle!!!

I don’t appreciate it when I push the handle on the toilet and it slips off and only partially flushes. That shit pisses me the fuck off!!! I shouldn’t have to push that fucking handle twice! Why the fuck did I push it the first time? Was it so that I would have to push it, again? No, motherfucker!!! I push it once because I want it to fully flush after the first fucking time I push it! GOD DAMN IT TO FUCK!!! This fucking handle needs to flush after the first time I push it! FUCK!!!