I Don’t Appreciate These Athlete Cunts Taking Sexual Photographs

Gabrielle Reece, Ronda Rousey, Danica Patrick, and, now, Lexi Thompson, that golfing cunt that I bitched about, before, in this post:


I checked out this Thompson cunt’s Instagram page, and it’s not as bad as some, but she still has some sexual pictures, like one of her in a bra turned halfway around and looking all sexual, like she’s getting ready for some dude who just paid her a lot of money to start fucking her from behind. I hate these kinds of athlete whores! What the fuck?! I guess it ain’t enough for these whores to get millions from being an athlete – they need to sexually exploit themselves, as well. Fuck these fucking whores!!!

Another Free Lunch, Or, At Least, A Free Glass Of Water

I bitched, before, about pro-capitalism fucks saying that “there is no such thing as a free lunch” and how that’s bullshit. You can read that post by following the link, just below:


Well, it looks like we’re finding more and more ways to get free lunches, you stupid, evil, pro-capitalism fucks! Now some motherfuckers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and, I think, some other places, too, came together and created a water-making machine that uses only sunlight! Congratulations to those motherfuckers! You evil, pro-capitalism fucks, and everybody else, can read more about it by following the link, just below:


Lexi Thompson Deserved To Be Penalized

I’m pissed the fuck off about these motherfuckers that are supporting Lexi Thompson! What the fuck?! The bitch broke the rules. She should be penalized! I’m getting pissed the fuck off to see so many motherfuckers supporting her! Motherfuckers are saying that it’s a terrible rule and shit. If it was such a terrible rule, why weren’t you motherfuckers outraged about it a long time ago? Maybe you motherfuckers could have gotten it changed before it caused damage. This whole thing pisses me the fuck off!!! Anyway, if you don’t know about what happened, you can read about it here:


There IS Such A Thing As A Free Lunch, You Stupid, Pro-Capitalism Fucks!!!

I get tired of you pro-capitalism fucks repeating shit without thinking like when you fucks say, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” SHUT THE FUCK UP WITH THAT STUPID SHIT, YOU STUPID, PRO-CAPITALISM FUCKS!!! You motherfuckers need to get Milton Friedman’s balls of of your fucking chin! As it turns out, you stupid fucks are wrong, and there IS such a thing as a free lunch! This motherfucker, in the video, just below, came up with a machine to make glass for free. Check it out:

Okay, so this machine needs some work before it can be fully automated, but someone will do so, at some point, and then these kinds of machines can make glass for free! FUCK CAPITALISM AND ALL EVIL FUCKS WHO BELIEVE THAT CAPITALISM IS A GOOD THING!!!