I Hate Motherfuckers Who Believe In Freedom Of Belief

You motherfuckers who think that it is okay for someone to believe that it is okay to starve people to death because they are not useful are just as evil as the people who believe that it is okay to starve people to death because they are not useful. I don’t appreciate you motherfuckers believing that shit. I hate any motherfucker who believes in freedom of belief. There are a lot of things that we should NOT be free to believe, like the belief that it is okay to let the useless starve, and like the belief that it is okay to believe that we should let the useless starve. You motherfuckers are all evil as fuck, and if anyone deserves to starve, it is you evil fucks. FUCK YOU EVIL FUCKS!!!


I’m Gonna Use The Word “Nuance,” You Right-Wing, Shitheaded Fucks!

I don’t appreciate you right-wing, shitheaded fucks getting pissed off about the word “nuance.” I heard some right-wing shithead saying shit about how he hates that word the other day. That pissed me the fuck off!!! I’ve also heard other right-wing, shitheaded fucks saying shit like that, before, as well. I don’t appreciate when right-wing, shitheaded fucks do shit like that! There’s nothing wrong with using words that are accurate and appropriate for the situation. Just because your stupid, right-wing minds want everything to be simple doesn’t mean everything is simple. You fucks are dumb as fuck for hating a word like “nuance” even when it is accurate! Quit being stupid, right-wing, shitheaded fucks!!!

Science Was, And IS, Wrong About A Lot Of Things

I’m getting tired of motherfuckers acting like science can never be wrong. That pisses me the fuck off!!! Even if it is right most of the time, science is still wrong, a lot of the time. It has been, in the past, it is, now, and it will be, in the future. I saw this one reporter shithead trying to make someone look stupid when that non-reporter said that the non-reporter didn’t always believe in science. That pissed me the fuck off!!! Didn’t that reporter motherfucker know that science can be wrong? Apparently not. FUCK THAT STUPID REPORTER FUCK AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO DOESN”T THINK THAT SCIENCE CAN BE WRONG!!!

Read My Fucking Blog, You Fucking Fucks!!!

I’m getting really pissed the fuck off with the fact that not enough people are reading this blog. What the fuck is wrong with you fucks? Don’t you people realize greatness when you see it? You fucks are stupid fucks! There were nine days, in a row, when nobody visited this blog. You fucks need to get your asses to start reading this awesome blog. FUCK!!!

I Hate You Carnivore Fucks Talking Shit About A Vegan Diet!!!

I hate hearing about you carnivore fucks talking shit about a vegan diet supposedly being “unhealthy.” What the fuck is wrong with you fucks?! If this chick had a dick, she’d be fucking you carnivore fucks up your asses! And before you start talking shit about, “oh, she must have good genes,” or some shit like that, watch the video, you stupid fucks!!! She has BAD genes, you stupid carnivore fucks!!!

You Psueodskeptic Fucks Are Pathetic Talking Shit About The New UFO News

So, after decades (at least) of claiming that it is absurd to think that there would be a conspiracy to study UFOs and cover it up in The US Government, it turns out that you pseudoskeptic fucks were dead wrong. All those crazy conspiracy theorists were right. So, what do you pseudoskeptic fucks do? Apologize? Of course not! You are pseudoskeptic fucks, after all. You pseudoskeptic fucks are starting to talk shit about the UFO news. One pseudoskeptic fuck was saying shit about: “Is this all there is?” I don’t want to speak for Tom DeLonge, or To The Stars Academy Of Arts And Sciences, but I’m guessing that their response, if they wanted to respond, would be something like this: