Lexi Thompson Deserved To Be Penalized

I’m pissed the fuck off about these motherfuckers that are supporting Lexi Thompson! What the fuck?! The bitch broke the rules. She should be penalized! I’m getting pissed the fuck off to see so many motherfuckers supporting her! Motherfuckers are saying that it’s a terrible rule and shit. If it was such a terrible rule, why weren’t you motherfuckers outraged about it a long time ago? Maybe you motherfuckers could have gotten it changed before it caused damage. This whole thing pisses me the fuck off!!! Anyway, if you don’t know about what happened, you can read about it here:


There IS Such A Thing As A Free Lunch, You Stupid, Pro-Capitalism Fucks!!!

I get tired of you pro-capitalism fucks repeating shit without thinking like when you fucks say, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” SHUT THE FUCK UP WITH THAT STUPID SHIT, YOU STUPID, PRO-CAPITALISM FUCKS!!! You motherfuckers need to get Milton Friedman’s balls of of your fucking chin! As it turns out, you stupid fucks are wrong, and there IS such a thing as a free lunch! This motherfucker, in the video, just below, came up with a machine to make glass for free. Check it out:

Okay, so this machine needs some work before it can be fully automated, but someone will do so, at some point, and then these kinds of machines can make glass for free! FUCK CAPITALISM AND ALL EVIL FUCKS WHO BELIEVE THAT CAPITALISM IS A GOOD THING!!!

You Right-Wing Fucks Are Evil As Fuck And You Deserved To Fail!

You right-wing fucks tried to take away my Obamacare and you failed, and you deserved it! Fuck you evil fucks!!! I need Obamacare – particularly the Medicaid expansion – because I have intestinal problems and I’m poor and I would not get health care, otherwise. You people are evil as fuck for trying to take it away from me and I’m glad that you failed! FUCK YOU EVIL FUCKS!!!

Why The Fuck Can’t My Teeth Be More Like A Cunt?

Okay, so, I’ve been reading about how the pussy is, according to cunt experts, a very self-cleaning organ. Chicks used to douche, but now the experts are saying that douching can cause more problems, and that it is best to let the cunt clean itself because cunts are good at cleaning themselves. My teeth ain’t good at cleaning themselves. That pisses me the fuck off!!! I don’t appreciate having to brush my fucking teeth! Every fucking day it’s such a fucking pain in the ass! Why can’t my teeth be self-cleaning, like pussies are? That pisses me the fuck off!!!

Death To Capitalism!!! Bring In The Solar Roofs!!!

That motherfucker named Elon Musk said that he feels confident that Tesla can make solar roofs cost less than regular roofs! Bring on these fucking solar roofs, and the Powerwall, so that we won’t have to pay for energy, anymore! Death to capitalism! You can read more about it by following the link, just below:

Tesla’s solar roof to cost less than a regular roof – even before energy production, says Elon Musk

Chicks Don’t Need Their Own Fucking Divisions In Professional Miniature Golf!

I’m pissed the fuck off about the fact that so many professional miniature golf tournaments have separate divisions for chicks! God damn it to fuck!!! A lot of motherfuckers don’t know that miniature golf is played professionally, but it is, and it also pisses me the fuck off that so many people don’t respect it as a real sport, but I’ll bitch about that some other time. Right now, I’m pissed the fuck off that they give chicks a separate division! Miniature golf is one of the few sports where dudes tending to be physically stronger than chicks does NOT really give the dudes much of an advantage. Because of that, chicks are allowed to compete against dudes, and, every now and then, the chicks even win, though it is rare. It’s probably rare, though, because there are so few chicks that play miniature golf, professionally, and NOT because of some kind of strength or skill difference. As an example, Olivia Prokopova has beaten the dudes a number of times. Given that chicks can, reasonably, beat dudes in professional miniature golf, there is NO FUCKING GOOD REASON why there should be separate divisions for chicks than for dudes! The chicks and the dudes should all have to compete with each other. It pisses me the fuck off that they have separate divisions for chicks! GOD DAMN IT TO FUCK!!!

Anyway, if you want to read more about Olivia Prokopova, you can click on the link, just below: