Stay Whole, Motherfucker!!!

I don’t appreciate it when this fucking toilet paper tears partway through it. That pisses me the fuck off!!! If I wanted it to tear, I would tear it, intentionally! I don’t appreciate this toilet paper doing that kind of shit! It should know what I want before I start to tear at it. That pisses me the fuck off!!!


Fuck Capitalism! Bring On The 3D-Printed Homes!

I hate those pro-capitalism fucks who think that poor people don’t deserve homes. Those evil fucks piss me the fuck off!!! However, now some motherfuckers are trying to make it easier for poor motherfuckers to get homes by 3D printing the motherfuckers. Bring it on! Check out the link about it, just below:

Listen Up, You Stupid, Pro-Capitalism Fucks – People Do NOT Always (Or Even Usually) Choose The Stuff That Works Best

I’m getting tired of listening to you pro-capitalism fucks acting like everyone always (or even most of the time) makes the choices that work best. That’s a bunch of fucking bullshit!!! There are all sorts of reasons why most people, many times, do NOT choose the products, services, and/or methods that work best. This is easy shit to see, so look the fuck around if you need bazillions of examples of this, you stupid fucks!!! I shouldn’t even have to show you an example, but I’m going to do so, anyway – though it will only be one of the many that are all over the fucking place. There was this motherfucker named Rick Barry who shot basketball free throws underhanded, which is the best way to shoot free throws. You can read about that by clicking the link, just below:

Then, this motherfucker had a son who has, recently, broken a record in Florida for the number of free throws he got. You can read about that by clicking on the link, just below:

Still, most motherfuckers playing basketball don’t use that style of throwing because they would be too embarrassed to do so. Stop acting like motherfuckers always, or even usually, choose the stuff that works best, you stupid, pro-capitalism fucks!!!

Stop Calling It A Self-Cleaning Oven If The Motherfucker Doesn’t Actually Clean Itself!

I’m getting pissed the fuck off at seeing these motherfuckers calling their ovens “self-cleaning” when many of them still leave ashes behind that you need to clean out. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! I don’t appreciate that kinda shit! I mean, it does NOT clean itself if it still leaves a bunch of stuff behind for me to clean out. That doesn’t even make any fucking sense! You motherfuckers need to start calling it assisted-cleaning or something like that…

I Hate Motherfuckers Who Believe In Freedom Of Belief

You motherfuckers who think that it is okay for someone to believe that it is okay to starve people to death because they are not useful are just as evil as the people who believe that it is okay to starve people to death because they are not useful. I don’t appreciate you motherfuckers believing that shit. I hate any motherfucker who believes in freedom of belief. There are a lot of things that we should NOT be free to believe, like the belief that it is okay to let the useless starve, and like the belief that it is okay to believe that we should let the useless starve. You motherfuckers are all evil as fuck, and if anyone deserves to starve, it is you evil fucks. FUCK YOU EVIL FUCKS!!!

I’m Gonna Use The Word “Nuance,” You Right-Wing, Shitheaded Fucks!

I don’t appreciate you right-wing, shitheaded fucks getting pissed off about the word “nuance.” I heard some right-wing shithead saying shit about how he hates that word the other day. That pissed me the fuck off!!! I’ve also heard other right-wing, shitheaded fucks saying shit like that, before, as well. I don’t appreciate when right-wing, shitheaded fucks do shit like that! There’s nothing wrong with using words that are accurate and appropriate for the situation. Just because your stupid, right-wing minds want everything to be simple doesn’t mean everything is simple. You fucks are dumb as fuck for hating a word like “nuance” even when it is accurate! Quit being stupid, right-wing, shitheaded fucks!!!