I Wanted To Post Something, God Damn It!!!

I forgot to post a post about pseudoskeptics and Birdemic, yesterday! That pissed me the fuck off!!! My mind needs its ass beaten for forgetting stuff like this! The fact that my mind forgets stuff like this pisses me the fuck off!!! I’ll post that post in a few days…


These Motherfuckers Need To Make This Happen To Fuck Capitalism Up Its Ass

Motherfuckers who support capitalism are evil as FUCK!!! I hate those motherfuckers!!! These physicist motherfuckers have a chance to fuck capitalism, and the energy companies, up their fucking asses, so those physicist motherfuckers need to make it happen. I also hate pseudoskeptic fucks who would say that something like this can’t happen, so those pseudoskeptic fucks will also get fucked up their asses if this happens. Make it happen, physicist motherfuckers:


I Hate Having To Take A Shit!

Why do we have to take a shit? That pisses me the fuck off!!! Why can’t our bodies just break down everything that we eat and use it for energy, like robots? Robots don’t need to shit. Robots just use all of the energy that they’re given. Why can’t our bodies be more like robot bodies? That pisses me the fuck off!!!

I Don’t Appreciate Pessimistic Motherfuckers

It might sound counterintuitive, but pessimistic motherfuckers piss me the fuck off! I get pissed the fuck off when motherfuckers are always trying to see negativity in things, even if stuff is not negative. There are plenty of things that motherfuckers really should be pissed off about, like the stuff that I bitch about on this blog. You pessimistic motherfuckers need to start getting pissed the fuck off about those things, and stop getting pissed the fuck off about stuff that you shouldn’t even be getting pissed the fuck off about. Quit that shit!