Death To Veil!!!

Veil on Into The Badlands is a dumb fucking cunt, and I’m glad they killed her stupid ass! I mean, Quinn was dead at the end of the first season, but that dumb cunt actually healed him and let him live! I mean, that’s just fucking stupid! How the fuck are you going to do shit like that? This cunt is even dumber than Chloe Tousignant! I already bitched about Chloe here:

Chloe died, of course, as I posted here:

Now, Veil’s dead, too. If I tried to kill Quinn, and then my dumb fucking girlfriend went and saved his life, I would have killed the bitch, myself! I’m glad they’re killing off these dumb fucking cunts. DIE DUMB FUCKING CUNTS!!!

I Don’t Appreciate These Athlete Cunts Taking Sexual Photographs

Gabrielle Reece, Ronda Rousey, Danica Patrick, and, now, Lexi Thompson, that golfing cunt that I bitched about, before, in this post:

I checked out this Thompson cunt’s Instagram page, and it’s not as bad as some, but she still has some sexual pictures, like one of her in a bra turned halfway around and looking all sexual, like she’s getting ready for some dude who just paid her a lot of money to start fucking her from behind. I hate these kinds of athlete whores! What the fuck?! I guess it ain’t enough for these whores to get millions from being an athlete – they need to sexually exploit themselves, as well. Fuck these fucking whores!!!

Another Free Lunch, Or, At Least, A Free Glass Of Water

I bitched, before, about pro-capitalism fucks saying that “there is no such thing as a free lunch” and how that’s bullshit. You can read that post by following the link, just below:

Well, it looks like we’re finding more and more ways to get free lunches, you stupid, evil, pro-capitalism fucks! Now some motherfuckers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and, I think, some other places, too, came together and created a water-making machine that uses only sunlight! Congratulations to those motherfuckers! You evil, pro-capitalism fucks, and everybody else, can read more about it by following the link, just below: