Listen Up, You Stupid, Pro-Capitalism Fucks – People Do NOT Always (Or Even Usually) Choose The Stuff That Works Best

I’m getting tired of listening to you pro-capitalism fucks acting like everyone always (or even most of the time) makes the choices that work best. That’s a bunch of fucking bullshit!!! There are all sorts of reasons why most people, many times, do NOT choose the products, services, and/or methods that work best. This is easy shit to see, so look the fuck around if you need bazillions of examples of this, you stupid fucks!!! I shouldn’t even have to show you an example, but I’m going to do so, anyway – though it will only be one of the many that are all over the fucking place. There was this motherfucker named Rick Barry who shot basketball free throws underhanded, which is the best way to shoot free throws. You can read about that by clicking the link, just below:

Then, this motherfucker had a son who has, recently, broken a record in Florida for the number of free throws he got. You can read about that by clicking on the link, just below:

Still, most motherfuckers playing basketball don’t use that style of throwing because they would be too embarrassed to do so. Stop acting like motherfuckers always, or even usually, choose the stuff that works best, you stupid, pro-capitalism fucks!!!


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