Feminist Cunts And Body Shaming

These feminist cunts are always bitching about how our society, supposedly, body shames women. The feminist cunts also say that they are in favor of: “equality of the sexes.” You’re a bunch of lying bitches! Fuck you! At least women’s bodies, when they’re kept in reasonably good shape, are thought of as beautiful and sexually desirable. Men’s bodies are, many times, not even looked at as beautiful, at all, even if they are kept in good shape. Shaming of the male body is far worse in this society than shaming of the female body. Since that’s the case, shouldn’t these feminist cunts be MORE angry about all of the male body shaming, since they say that they want equality and male body shaming is a worse problem? But they’re not, because they’re lying cunts! I was thinking about this when I watched this clip on YouTube from that show called Fuller House:

I can’t stand that show, and I never gave much of a fuck about Full House, either. There’s so much shit in that clip that pisses me off – the jokes about vegetarianism, (I’m a vegetarian, as I posted about a while ago) as well as that pathetic motherfucker fawning over that stupid cunt who doesn’t even want him. However, I want to focus on something else: the part where that dude bends over and shows his cock and his balls and his ass to those chicks. Okay, so, they probably had him covered up, but the idea was that the chicks were supposed to have seen his cock and his balls and his ass. They all turned away in horror, like some monster jumped out at them! They weren’t just being polite, or anything like that. They were grossed out! Those cunts seem like those types of stupid bitches that I bitched about who call themselves heterosexual but are grossed out at the sight of a cock and a set of balls. Here’s the link for that, just below:


Where’s the outrage, feminist cunts, about this shaming of the male body? If a comedy show tried to show people being grossed out by cunt, or a chick’s ass, the feminist cunts would be pissed the fuck off, or, at least, the feminist cunts would whine about it on their blogs and stuff. Hell, those feminist bitches got all outraged, a little while back, when some company selling some masturbation toy made fun of a fat woman’s body. As much as I hate to link to feminist shit, I’ll provide the link so you guys can read about it, if you want, just below:


Now, I don’t think that it’s good that they made fun of a fat woman, but the feminist cunts only want to get pissed off when it is a female body that is shamed. Where’s their outrage when the male body is shamed, like in that clip up above? Nowhere to be found, because feminists are lying cunts who are NOT interested in equality and only want to do what they think is best for women. FUCK YOU FEMINIST CUNTS!!!


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