This Is Why The Fuck We Need Funding For Research Into Unlikely Ideas

I’m pissed the fuck off about these fucking pseudoskeptics trying to get funding cut for research into paranormal or other seemingly unlikely ideas! I already bitched about pseudoskeptics a couple of times, before, like in the post that you can get to by following the link, just below:

Now, I think that a lot of these paranormal and other alternative ideas are not as unlikely as pseudoskeptics would have you believe, because pseudoskeptics are frauds and liars. However, ever if these ideas are super unlikely, we still need SOME kind of funding for them. You never know which super unlikely ideas are going to turn out to be true. It has happened before, and it will, very probably, happen again, many times. Even if the specific idea happens to be false, though, it’s also possible that we could accidentally hit upon something else that is huge during research of the false idea. That has also happened many times, in the past, and will, very probably, continue to happen many times in the future. I hate these pseudoskeptic fucks trying to get funding cut!!! I was reminded of this when reading a story, a few days ago, about a huge collection of NES hardware and software that was found in some RV in the middle of nowhere. It is very unlikely that anyone would have thought to look there for a huge collection of NES stuff. It sure seems unlikely that someone would put all of that effort and money into making such a collection, and then abandoning it in the middle of nowhere in an RV, and, yet, that sure seems to be exactly what happened. That is the sort of discovery that almost HAS TO be made accidentally. There’s a lesson there, you evil pseudoskeptic fucks. There have been a number of discoveries, just like the NES one, which ALMOST CERTAINLY could not have come from thinking, and almost HAVE TO have come by accident, and there are, very probably, plenty more waiting to be discovered. The way to increase the possibility of these accidental, huge discoveries is TO FUND UNLIKELY IDEAS, YOU FUCKING PSEUDOSKEPTIC FUCKS!!! Not funding them makes it less likely that we are going to make these accidental discoveries. JESUS FUCK!!! Anyway, if you guys want to read more about that NES find, I’ll post the link, just below:


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