Negan Is Pathetic

Why the fuck did Negan let that cunt named Olivia slap him on The Walking Dead? That pissed me the fuck off!!! He should have knocked her the fuck out, like I would have done! Christ, he ASKED her for sex, rather than just raping her, and she was all bitchy about it and slapped him in the face, rather than just saying: “no, thank you.” WHAT THE FUCK?! He could have just raped you, you dumb bitch! Then again, it seems like Negan gives these cunts special privileges, which makes him pretty pathetic. They’re allowed to get away with some things that dudes would not be able to get away with. I guess that the apocalypse hasn’t stopped Negan from being a white knight. It’s getting pretty irritating that no one has just killed Negan, by now. I mean, he’s pissed off an awful lot of people, and there have been numerous opportunities that numerous people have had to kill him…


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