You Pseudoskeptic And Mainstream Science Fucks Might Be Getting Overturned Soon…

I HATE you evil pseudoskeptic and mainstream science fucks! You motherfuckers are holding progress back by being too skeptical of claims that are out of the ordinary. The area of perpetual motion and overunity machines is one of those areas. A LOT of inventors have claimed to build perpetual motion machines, but you evil fucks just want to dismiss them out of hand. That pisses me the fuck off!!! Well, finally, now, after a couple of hundred years, or so, of mainstream scientists and academics declaring that these kinds of machines are impossible, two mostly mainstream scientists at Argonne National Laboratory are claiming that they found a loophole in The Second Law Of Thermodynamics that will allow for the possibility of real perpetual motion, overunity, and self-powered machines. Oops. It’s too bad that you motherfuckers have, for the last couple of fucking centuries, been dismissing these kinds of claims out of hand. Those inventors might have been right! I think that we should have a law that says that we can beat the shit out of any mainstream scientist who is too closed-minded about claims that are out of the ordinary, and that he or she is never allowed to be a scientist, again. FUCK THOSE EVIL FUCKS!!! Anyway, those two mainstream scientists are claiming that they have already worked out the math, so the next step is to build a REAL perpetual motion machine. I wish them the best of luck. If you want more information about this, you can follow the link, just below:


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