Why Did They Have To Make Raimy Sullivan Such A Cunt On Frequency?

Seriously, why? I mean, it’s already bad enough that they made the main character of the Frequency TV show a female to pander to females. The original movie that inspired the TV show had a male main character, and he was NOT a total cunt, like Raimy is. I mean, it really pissed me the fuck off when she told her father to not let her go down one of those paths a few episodes ago. WHAT THE FUCK?! Take some fucking personal responsibility! Do NOT let YOURSELF go down one of those paths, you fucking cunt! Don’t put it on your father! Oh, well, even in spite of that, I liked the original movie and I like the show, and, although the show is sticking close enough to the movie, so far, it will be interesting to see what will happen after the show has to “move past” the material that corresponds to the original movie, which it will probably¬†have to do, at some point, provided that the show lasts long enough.


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