Fuck All Of You Cunts Who Whine About Violence Against Women On Television!

I’m getting tired of all of you feminist cunts whining about violence against women on television. I’m also tired of seeing all of these studies about violence against women on television, as well. WHAT THE FUCK?! FUCK THAT SHIT!!! You feminist cunts don’t seem to give a fuck that the VAST MAJORITY of fictional violence on television is against MEN. Where are all of the studies about violence against men on television? There are very few. Where is all of the whining from feminist bitches about how horrible this fictional violence against men is on television? Nowhere to be found, because these feminist cunts don’t give a fuck about men, at best, and most of them hate dudes! FUCK YOU FEMINIST BITCHES!!! I like that saying that goes: “Equal rights, equal fights.” Another one, that I like even better, goes: “Equal rights, equal lefts.” I’m going to post violence against women, just to piss you feminist cunts the fuck off! If you don’t like it, then FUCK YOU!!! I’m posting an AWESOME and BRUTALLY VIOLENT fight scene between a man and a woman, and I hope that it pisses you feminist cunts the fuck off!!! The scene is from the show called: “Banshee.” It might contain some spoilers. I never even knew about that show until I saw that scene, but if the rest of the show is as AWESOME as that scene, then I want to watch it. FUCK YOU FEMINISTS IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT!!! Here is the scene, just below:


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