The Reaction To The Trumpster’s Comments Reveal A Deep Hatred Of Male Sexuality In The United States

I hate to be in the position of defending the Trumpster, because I think that he is a clown, a liar, and he just sucks, (then again, I, pretty much, think the same of Hilary…) but I’m getting pretty pissed the fuck off about this absurdly negative reaction that so many people are having to the simple fact that Trump wants to fuck good-looking chicks and is vocal about it. WHAT THE FUCK?! Don’t all heterosexual and bisexual dudes want to fuck good-looking chicks? Is there something wrong with that? Apparently, a lot of pricks and cunts think so to the point that he is dropping in the polls, supposedly. What about those chicks who like getting told by a dude that he wants to fuck them? Is that “disrespectful?” WHAT THE FUCK?! This shit pisses me the fuck off! Motherfuckers don’t even understand the context of all of this. I’m not even going to get started on this absurd idea that he “sexually assaulted” these chicks, other than to say that it is absurd. This hatred of male sexuality in The United States (and, sadly, in some other places, as well) needs to stop. It is pissing me the fuck off!!!

Ironically, I DO think that there is something that people SHOULD be getting offended by with respect to that audio, but it is NOT the sexual stuff, itself. People are so pissed off with those “establishment” politicians, in large part, because of the belief that these “establishment” politicians, and others, are using their power and money to get special privileges. That’s a big part (perhaps the biggest part) of what caused the Trump phenomenon in the first place. Supposedly, he was a different kind of candidate, and, yet, there he was, on that recording, acting like there was nothing wrong with using his power and money to get special privileges. I think that THAT is what motherfuckers SHOULD be getting pissed the fuck off about.


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