Miesha Tate Is Starting To Piss Me The Fuck Off!

I used to like Miesha Tate, but she’s starting to piss me the fuck off with some of the shit she does. I mean, first off, I found out that she has tit implants. WHAT THE FUCK?! You’re not some fucking porno cunt, Miesha, you’re a fucking professional fighter! You don’t need fucking tit implants! I mean, it ain’t like you’re hurting for dick. You can get all the dick that you want. There are tons of dudes trying to get into your cunt. That leads me to believe that she’s one of those cunts who got tit implants “for herself,” as some of these dumb cunts say. That’s some of the dumbest fucking shit ever! I can’t stand dumb fucking cunts like that! You didn’t do it for yourself, you dumb fucking cunts, you did it because you thought it would make other people like you better, and maybe because you thought it would get you more money! Quit lying to yourselves! So, anyway, Miesha has been having trouble making the right weight for some of her fights because of her fake tits adding weight to her body. Dumb fucking cunt!!! Now people are having conversations about whether or not her tits should count as weight in weigh-ins. It’s so absurd that this is even happening. SHE SHOULDN’T EVEN HAVE FAKE TITS AT ALL!!! So, I was kind of happy to see Miesha get her ass beat by that lesbian from Brazil who tons of people were making a big deal about because she’s the first open lesbian to win a title in The UFC. Miesha fucked the fuck up by going on The Ketogenic Diet, too. It made her lethargic during the fight, and all of that fat that she ate might have also helped to make it difficult for her to make the weight that she needed for the weigh-in, in addition to her fake tits. I think that you can watch the full fight here:


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