I Hate Science Fiction Writers Who Write Too Much Bad Shit About Technology!

Too many people are talking too much shit about technology, and it pisses me the fuck off!!! One group that, particularly, pisses me the fuck off that’s doing that is too many science fiction writers. Fuck those assholes! They do too much bashing technology, and they make tech look bad too often, which is particularly fucked up since tech is such a large part of what they write about! FUCK THAT SHIT!!! I think that this is probably due to a number of factors, but the two that come to my mind are lazy writing practices and too much listening to asshole critics who think that science fiction is beneath other kinds of fiction. Too many science fiction writers get into that lazy way of thinking where they hear of a new technology and they want to write about it going horribly wrong in the future. Also, these asshole critics who think that science fiction is beneath them, and whose asses I would like to legalize the beating of for believing such horseshit, talk shit a lot, and that gets a lot of science fiction writers to believe that horseshit, as well, even if only subconsciously, which probably influences their writing towards negative science fiction. They need to quit doing so much of that shit! There is far too much negativity around technology in science fiction, and not enough portraying of technology as good. There’s also a certain amount of this in the real world, as well, so that might have something to do with it, as well. A lot of motherfuckers wanted to talk shit about self-driving cars when they logged a bazillion hours and miles with no fatalities just because that first dude died in a crash, in part, because he was not using the self-driving feature properly. Well, fuck all of that shit talking about tech!!! Perhaps it would be best to end with a link to a positive, polar opposite story about self-driving car technology. Here is the link, just below:



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