Fuck You Evil Fucks Who Believe That Doing Is Better Than Thinking – It Ain’t Always True!!!

I’m tired of all of these evil fucks who act like doing is always better than thinking. FUCK YOU EVIL FUCKS!!! I ain’t no doer, I’m a thinker! It doesn’t make me a bad person, you assholes!!! I’m tired of you people’s shit! I’m better at thinking than doing, but I don’t get the respect that I deserve because too many people in this society think that doing is better than thinking, and I ain’t good at doing, so I have many good ideas that motherfuckers never care to listen to because I ain’t no doer. Doers are more respected in this society, even though they don’t always have the best ideas. Things should be opposite. The doers’ ideas should NOT be as respected as the thinkers’ ideas because doers are not as good at thinking as thinkers. Thinkers, like me, should be more respected than doers, and the thinkers should think of the ideas and the doers should get out there and do the things that the thinkers tell them to do. That would make a lot more sense than this piece of shit society that we have right now. There may be some who realize this, though, as this recent article seems to imply. Here is the link, just below:


The only thing about that article that kinda pissed me off was when they talked about teaching thinkers about the “cost” of inactivity. FUCK THAT SHIT!!! Thinkers don’t need “fixed.” They’re fine the way they are, and they are better than most of the doers. FUCK THESE FUCKS WHO ARE TRYING TO CHANGE THINKERS BECAUSE THEY’RE STUCK IN A PIECE OF SHIT MINDSET OF THEIR PIECE OF SHIT SOCIETY THAT TEACHES THEM THAT DOING IS BETTER THAN THINKING!!! STOP THAT SHIT, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES!!! Perhaps it would be best to end with a quotation from Gore Vidal, which probably applies to me even more than him, or anyone else:

“There is no human problem which could not be solved if people would simply do as I advise.”


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