Luke Aikins Fucked You Evil Pseudoskeptic Fucks The Fuck Up!!!

EDIT: FUCK!!! That video, just above, does not work, any more. That pisses me the fuck off! It worked when I posted it, but it looks like it was taken down so that someone could try to make more money. GOD DAMN IT TO JESUS FUCKING FUCK!!! Well, I’ll post another one, just below. We’ll see how long that one lasts. The rest of the post, beneath the video just below, is from my original post. Here is the video:

Take a look at that video, just above, you evil pseudoskeptic fucks. You just got fucked the fuck up!!! You evil pseudoskeptic fucks were calling Luke Aikins crazy and a nutjob for even thinking that he might be able to jump from a plane without a parachute or a wingsuit and survive without significant injury. (or death) Well, that crazy nutjob just did it, last night, and I watched it on TV as it was happening. YOU EVIL PSEUDOSKEPTIC FUCKS JUST GOT FUCKED THE FUCK UP!!! If he had listened to you evil pseudoskeptic fucks, he would have never tried, and most people would probably continue to believe that it is impossible, but, instead, Aikins proved that it WAS and IS possible! We need to stop these evil pseudoskeptic fucks from calling people names when they try to do things that pseudoskeptic types think are impossible. It looks like Aikins was just crazy enough to pull it off! Like the words of the Billy Joel song go, “You may be right – I may be crazy – But it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for!”


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