Remove Evil Shit!!!

I bitched, in the past, about an evil motherfucker posting evil shit, and an evil moderator who was allowing him. Here it that link, just below:

There is a deeper point, though. I’m pissed the fuck off about how no one can ever seem to get any comments taken down on most United States websites, unless they offend some privileged minority group or they threaten some kind of violence…and sometimes not even then! That pisses me the fuck off!!! When motherfuckers post wrong, evil shit, it needs to get taken down! I hate motherfuckers who suck The First Amendment’s cock so much that they try to resist taking any comments down! That pisses me the fuck off!!! Fuck you evil motherfuckers! Stop supporting The First Amendment and sucking The First Amendment’s cock!!! Anyway, I don’t agree with everything in this article that I read, but I agree with most of it, and I think it needs to be said, and the dude who wrote it could probably say it in a more highbrow way than me, so I’ll post the link to the article, just below:


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