Capitalism is evil as fuck!!! Everyone who believes that capitalism is good is also evil as fuck!!! If I took control of the planet, I would kick everyone’s ass who believed that capitalism is good until he or she stopped believing that capitalism is good. It doesn’t seem very likely, though, that I will become the ruler of Earth…fuck! However, there may be another way out. Some motherfuckers in Russia are claiming to have figured out some REALLY AWESOME stuff! They claim that they are able to transmute cheap elements into expensive ones, using bacteria, and they might even be able to transmute into whatever elements that they want! Check it out:

Russian Team “Actinides” Announces Discovery of Industrial Biochemical Method of Elemental Transmutation (Press Conference and Press Release)

I really hope that they’re the real deal. I’m thinking that something like this is probably going to happen, at some point, and I hope that that point is now. Once this tech is perfected, we’ll be able to make anything out of anything. It may take a while to get to that point, but a Star Trek like replicator will be the death of capitalism. Almost no folks are going to go to Burger King to get a burger when they can just say: “Hey, replicator machine, make me a fucking burger!” Then they would get their burger. This could be the first step in that process. If this pans out, it might not be too long before we can say this to capitalism:


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