I Don’t Give A Fuck That You Got Knocked Up, Savannah Guthrie!!!

I’m getting pretty fucking tired of seeing all kinds of shit on TV about kids and babies and pregnancy and stuff. I DON’T GIVE A FUCK!!! I don’t want to hear about your fucking kids! Quit wasting my time with this kind of shit!!! Just the other day, I saw that they were having some kind of celebration because one of the cunts on the Today show named Savannah Guthrie got knocked up. WHAT THE FUCK?! That ain’t no cause for a celebration! FUCK THAT SHIT!!! Any dumb fucking cunt could get knocked up. Could you imagine if, every time a dude cummed in some dumb cunt’s cunt, there was some kind of party? Why didn’t they bring Savannah’s husband on and throw a party for him because he managed to cum inside of Savannah’s cunt? I’ll tell you why – it’s because cumming inside of a cunt’s cunt isn’t some kind of huge accomplishment. Then again, neither is getting knocked up, but, for some reason, people want to celebrate when a cunt gets knocked up, but not when a dude cums inside of a cunt’s cunt. That pisses me the fuck off!!!


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