The Dudes Working At Steorn Are The Three Stooges Of The Tech World


Do you motherfuckers working at Steorn know how to do ANYTHING AT ALL besides STUMBLE all of the time?! What the fuck is wrong with you people?! You CLOWNS are really starting to piss me the fuck off!!! You motherfuckers have been stumbling, for more than a decade, now, in the roll-out of what could be the most awesome tech breakthrough EVER! The adoption of this technology has been unnecessarily delayed, in large part because of In you jackasses’ TERRIBLE decisions – here’s the latest stumble:

Acland’s Orbo tests are now 0 for 2

The tragedy of all of this is that it is entirely possible that these INCOMPETENT BUFFONS really did STUMBLE (in one of their few good stumbles – LOL!!!) upon one of the biggest breakthroughs in history by accident. Now it’s like we have The Three Stooges trying to bring a revolutionary technology to the market:

In spite of it all, however, I’m still hoping that you guys are successful, despite your INCOMPETENCE, and that this technology does make it into the market, but you motherfuckers seriously need to get your shit together. Fix those fucking products, get them into the market, and then we can all have free energy! If you can’t, or won’t, do that, then give this technology to someone who is more COMPETENT than you CLOWNS. If you people really have what you say that you have, then this is far too important to continue allowing this kind of INCOMPETENCE to keep delaying the progress of this technology.


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