Sterling Allan’s Stupid Ass Got His Own Stupid Ass Arrested

I hate Sterling Allan’s stupid ass. What a dumb fuck! This motherfucker ran an alternative energy website called Pure Energy Systems Wiki and started putting a whole bunch of religious shit on it. That pissed me the fuck off! Who the fuck wants to read religious shit on an alternative energy site? This motherfucker was also always putting up stupid shit that he would later have to retract. That pissed me the fuck off, too! I also got pissed the fuck off when he would keep saying, “harnessing the wheelwork of nature,” and other shit like that. He was biased against real overunity machines, and always thought that the energy had to be coming from somewhere. I still kept going to that site, though, because I did not know of any other site that covered alternative energy as a main subject, except for, maybe, Revolution Green, but that site is even worse. It pissed me off even more when Allan’s dumb ass started coming out and saying that he was God, or, at least, one of the gods in the Mormon religion. If that motherfucker is a god, then that god is a dumb fucking libertarian idiot shithead! Allan also talked about how important it was for him to pray. Who the fuck would a god need to pray to? Himself? Jesus fuck! Anyway, this motherfucker started to try to fuck Lindsey Stirling because he said that it would save the world from evil, or something like that. Recently, he has been trying to fuck other chicks. At some point, this douche also started trying to say that he understood some kind of code in The Bible which could predict the future. At one point, he was predicting that Lindsey Stirling would have a Milli Vanilli moment at a specific concert and she would be outed as faking her violin playing. That did not happen, of course, but Allan’s dumb ass kept believing in his ability to predict the future by reading The Bible. Why the fuck didn’t you just use your god powers? Why the fuck would your dumb ass need The Bible to predict the future? Maybe some gods just suck, like Sterling Allan. Anyway, this motherfucker admitted, a while back, that he fucked with some underage girls. I can’t stand the motherfucker, and I hope that they keep him in jail for a long time. He was just arrested, a little while back. Here’s the story:

This motherfucker tried to chalk it up to a “lust addiction” that he, supposedly, has. Imagine that – a god with a lust addiction. What a dumb fuck! Oh, and one more thing, Allan. Quit saying: “We get the government that we deserve.” Quit saying that shit, you stupid fuck!!! Quit putting me in the same group as you! You’re stupid, libertarian ass might get the government that YOU deserve, but I don’t deserve this fucking government that I’m getting. I’m not part of the idiot group that you’re part of. To paraphrase an old Groucho Marx saying: I would never be a part of any group that would have Sterling Allan as a member.


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