Steve Harvey Sucks

I hate all of those people in that clip. I hate these fucking whores who try to use looks to get dumb fucks to pay their way in life. These cunts deserve this kind of shit, and far worse. I also hate Steve Harvey. This dumb fuck sucks terribly. This motherfucker cheated on his wife and broke up their marriage, and then he wrote a book about relationships and gives people relationship advice, and a lot of dumb fucks actually bought that fucking book! Who the fuck would buy a book about how to keep relationships together from a motherfucker who cheated and broke up his marriage? That doesn’t even make any fucking sense. People are stupid as fuck! If you get on TV to promote your book, then stupid motherfuckers will buy it. It made me think of some other hypothetical books that would probably sell if the motherfuckers who wrote them got on TV to talk about them. Check it out:

Title: How To Stay Out Of Jail    Author: Bernie Madoff

Title: Strategies For Ending Capitalism    Author: Kevin O’Leary

Title: Ending Pedophilia In Our Society    Author: Mary Kay Letourneau

Title: Proper Grammar In The English Language    Author: George Walker Bush

Title: Understanding Men’s Sexuality    Author: Wanda Sykes

Title: Understanding Women’s Sexuality    Author: Anderson Cooper

Title: Removing Unnecessary Violence From Cinema    Author: Quentin Tarantino

Title: Jewish Contributions To History    Author: David Duke

Title: How To Be A Prude    Author: Sasha Grey

Title: The Big Book Of Family-Friendly Jokes    Author: Andrew “Dice” Clay

Title: Mastering Psychic Abilities    Author: James Randi

Title: Loving And Respecting Animals    Author: Ted Nugent

Title: Positive Portrayals Of Technology In Literature    Author: Ray Bradbury

Title: How To Act    Author: Madonna

Title: How To NOT Be Pissed The Fuck Off All Of The Time    Author: Mark Scott Stublarec


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