A Lot Of Media Fucks Hate Veganism

I hate these media fucks that hate veganism. They’re trying to put a lot of negative shit out about veganism. A bunch of these media fucks put out a bunch of shit about some dumb cunt who went vegan and then got unhealthy because she was a dumb cunt and didn’t do it right, thereby giving the dumb viewers and readers the impression that veganism is bad. They didn’t even have the balls to say it, outright, either. These media fucks are evil, and so is that dumb cunt! This cunt actually cut out healthy nutrients, that she COULD have gotten from a vegan diet, in an attempt to…wait for it…become more healthy! You have to be seriously stupid as fuck to do that. They claimed that she had an “eating disorder.” However, what the cunt really had was a “dumb as fuck” disorder. These evil media fucks should not have allowed this dumb cunt to be on TV, and they should not be allowed to put out anti-vegan propaganda. I HATE EVIL MEDIA FUCKS!!!


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