Energy Should Be Free And Easy

It really pisses me the fuck off that energy is not free and easy to get. I was listening to this motherfucker saying that he thinks that it is ridiculous that we have to pay for energy when we are swimming in a sea of energy all around us. That motherfucker is so right. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! We should be making more use of energy from the light, the magnetic field, and all of the other stuff that is flying through the air all the time and not having to pay for it. That’s just fucking evil to be charging for something that should be free, and it pisses me the fuck off! I want to take this further, though. Since there is so much energy flying around, why the fuck can’t my body use it, as well? Our bodies should be able to use this energy, too, not just our electronics. I think that our bodies can already make vitamin D by allowing the sunlight to strike our skin. GREAT!!! Why the fuck can’t we make all of our nutrients that way. That pisses me the fuck off that we can’t make all of our nutrients that way or some other way that makes use of all of the energy that is flying around all of the time! I fucking hate food, especially since I have intestinal problems. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! We have all of this energy flying around, and I still have to grab parts of plants and put them into my body to be converted into energy. Who the fuck would ever create something like this? I would be seen as a serious asshole if I created a creature, put him in a sea of mercury, but, yet, made him so that he needed to grab sand off of the bottom of the sea and use it to generate energy to keep himself alive. Why the fuck couldn’t I just make him so that he can use the bazillion gallons of mercury that he is swimming in to be able to generate energy? I would be a fucking asshole if I did something like that. I do not believe that any intelligent entities created us humans, but if there is an intelligent creator, or creators, they need their fucking asses beaten – badly!!!


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