I Hate Motherfuckers Who Don’t Like Video Games

I hate these motherfuckers who say shit like, “I don’t like video games,” or, “I’m not a gamer,” or any of that kind of shit. That kind of shit pisses me the fuck off! How the fuck could you not like video games, motherfucker? Are you stupid as fuck, or something? That doesn’t even make any fucking sense. That’s like saying, “I don’t like movies.” Really, motherfucker? Out of the 900 bakaji-fucking-zillion movies that there are out there, your dumb ass can’t find A SINGLE ONE that you like?! WHAT THE FUCK?!!! Well, it’s the same for video games. Everyone can find some video games that they like, if they are willing to look. You motherfuckers need to stop being this fucking stupid. Your existence in such a brain-dead, fucking idiotic state offends me, and it pisses me the fuck off!!!


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