Quit Talking Shit About Artificial Intelligence!

I hate these motherfuckers who talk shit about artificial intelligence. These fucks are always trying to put down artificial intelligence and talk about what it can’t do, yet. That makes it harder for people to progress in the field of artificial intelligence. Assholes who used to talk about how artificial intelligence could never beat a human in chess look pretty stupid, right now. Evil fucks. I don’t think that they would have said that shit if they thought that we have a society that beats people’s asses when they take strong positions and get it wrong. They would have been less certain of themselves, as they should have been. I also hate these fucks who try to say that computers can’t be conscious because they don’t have souls. SO FUCKING WHAT?! Let’s suppose that it is correct to say that humans can’t be conscious without a soul, that doesn’t mean a computer can’t be conscious without a soul. There could be more than one way to become conscious, you evil fucks. Stop believing this anti-artificial-intelligence shit!


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