Another Anomaly Update


Okay, so, I’m pretty much done with the “game” part of Anomaly, although I may make a few more minor changes. Because of that, I decided to post another picture of the game. This picture, above, probably sucks even more than the last one, but, at least, you can get a look at what Cassandra looks like from the side. Now, I just have to finish the ending, which could still take some time because I’m working little by little. I still don’t know what my best option is to make money from this game, if I can make any money at all, so any advice on that front would still be helpful. If you want to check out the last Anomaly update, here is the link:

HOLY SHIT!!! I almost went a whole post without a single swear word. This would have been my first time I’ve done that since the very first post. I’m glad I just fixed that problem.


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