Support Free Handouts Or Die, You Evil, Right-Wing Fucks!!!

You evil, right-wing fucks are going to die for your evil beliefs if you don’t change them. Is it going to be because I’m going to kill you? The answer is no, I’m not going to kill you. What is going to kill you, then? Starvation is going to kill you evil, right-wing fucks if you don’t change your evil beliefs. How is that going to happen? Simple – you evil, right wing fucks are not going to have any money to buy food, or, even if you do, in the future, your money is going to be worthless, as you can see in the video above. Maybe a few of you evil, right-wing fucks will be able to go out into the woods and live like wild men, and a few more will live like the Amish, but most can’t do that. So, why won’t you evil, right wing fucks have any money? Because, as the video above shows, no one is going to hire your evil, right-wing fuck ass to do jobs when robots and computers can do a better job than you. You won’t have money to buy food, and capitalism may even fall, totally. What will happen if you evil, right-wing fucks refuse free handouts, saying that you want to “work for your goods,” of some shit like that? Well, it is off to the woods or the Amish farm for you. If you can’t do that, and most will NOT be able to do that, then you will starve to death. You will have no money to buy food, and, if capitalism has fallen, your money will be worthless, even if you have it. Your evil, right-wing fuck ass will starve to death. The only way that I can see for you evil, right wing fucks to live, in the long run, is for you to get a fucking attitude adjustment, change your evil beliefs, and start supporting free handouts.


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