Linearity Is Good!

I hate these motherfuckers who act like linearity in video games is bad. That pisses me off! What the fuck? How the fuck would you defend such a statement? Last time I checked, both linear and non-linear games can be fun to play. I tend to like linear games better, myself, but too many motherfuckers seem to be under the impression that linearity is, somehow, objectively bad. I hate those motherfuckers. I remember all those motherfuckers who whined about Final Fantasy 13 being too linear. That pissed me the fuck off! I want more big-budget, linear games like that, but because so many people want to bitch about linearity being, supposedly, objectively bad, now most developers want to avoid linearity like the plague, so I don’t get much of a selection of linear games, if any at all. Assholes! You motherfuckers need to quit believing that linearity in gaming is bad. I’m making Anomaly a totally linear game, and if you don’t like that then you are a bunch of evil fucks!!! Fuck you!!!


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