Humans ARE Animals, You God Damn Dumbasses!!!

WHAT THE FUCK?!!! I get pissed off at these motherfuckers who say shit like, “We are not animals,” or, “We are not just animals.” YES YOU ARE, YOU SHITHEADS!!! What the fuck is wrong with you motherfuckers? Didn’t Adolf Hitler’s propaganda man say that if you repeat a lie long enough it becomes the truth? Well, at least in the minds of you idiot motherfuckers, that’s true. You dumb fucks! I don’t appreciate dumb fucks believing dumb, wrong shit, and saying dumb, wrong shit because their dumb fucking minds believe this dumb, wrong shit. Why do I have to give a first grade biology lesson to you grown adults? What the fuck is wrong with you dumb fucks? It’s worse, too, because some people get OFFENDED when you say that humans are animals. It’s too bad that we can’t pass laws to beat the shit out of people who get offended by the truth. I don’t appreciate motherfuckers getting offended by the truth. I’d like to pass a law called: “The You’re Getting The Shit Beaten Out Of Your Ass If You Get Offended By The Truth Act.” The entire act could be just this one sentence:

“If you get offended by the truth, then you’re going to get the living shit beaten out of your ass, very badly.”

I don’t think that motherfuckers would continue getting offended by the truth if we had a law like that on the books.


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