Anomaly Update


Here’s another screenshot from my upcoming game, Anomaly. The game is going to be bigger than these screenshots, however. You may be asking yourself something like, “Why do the graphics in Anomaly suck so badly?” Good question. There are two reasons:

1) I didn’t use any kind of special software to help me make the game. I am programming everything “the old-fashioned way.” That means I have to program lines, make simple shapes, and then fill them. I’m only using the stuff that is inherent in Javascript – and some of that shit isn’t even working the way that I want it to. If I make another game, I might have to write even more of my own code. Why am I doing things this way? Because I felt like it – and because I want to prove to myself that I can make a whole game this way, even if the graphics are shitty and the game is simplistic, as it is.

2) However, even if I did use software to help me with the graphics, the game would still, probably, not come out looking a whole lot better than it does. Why is that? Good question. The answer is because I suck at drawing and graphics and animation and stuff.

I’m about 85 percent to 90 percent done, as a best guesstimate. If you want more information about Anomaly, follow the link, directly below, to an older post that I made about the game:

Oh, well. I guess we’ll see if anyone actually reads this post, or the one linked to, directly above.


3 thoughts on “Anomaly Update

    1. Thanks, Kees! I see what you mean – in terms of graphical style it is similar to Adventure. As far as game play goes, however, it is not much like Adventure. Anomaly has little in the way of puzzles or action. It is very linear and story-driven, so whether people like it is probably going to hinge on the story. Thanks for commenting!


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