Quit Lying, Motherfuckers, Vegetarian Food Tastes Great!

I’m a vegetarian, and I’m really pissed off at these carnivores that think that vegetarian food tastes bad. You motherfuckers haven’t even tried it, or, if you have, most of the time you have not given it an honest chance. You motherfuckers will say stuff like, “I’ve tried vegetable burgers, and I didn’t like them.” You’re shitheads for saying that! In most cases, you asshats have only tried one, didn’t like it, failed to try the 500 bazillion other kinds of vegetable burgers, and then came to the conclusion that vegetable burgers don’t taste good. FUCK YOU ASSHOLES! That’s not giving the food an honest chance. Vegetable burgers seem to be a microcosm of vegetarianism, generally. Most carnivores don’t give it an honest chance. I hate you motherfuckers for believing that shit. Then, you motherfuckers get so surprised when you find out that a vegan girl can win on Cupcake Wars – the same girl who was able to convince a bunch of firemen that she had a better tasting sandwich than three other meat sandwiches. But then you carnivore assholes act like it’s so difficult to wrap your minds around. How could that be possible? It’s possible because most of you carnivore assholes don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about because you never gave vegetarian food an honest chance. Assholes. QUIT BELIEVING THAT SHIT AND GIVE VEGETARIAN FOOD AN HONEST CHANCE! There are bazillions upon bazillions of things for vegetarians to eat. I don’t believe that you motherfuckers could not find good-tasting vegetarian food if you really wanted to try to look.


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