Wayward Pines DOES Make Sense


This post contains spoilers for the Wayward Pines TV show. If you have watched the episodes up until episode number five, or if you are okay with spoilers, scroll down and read the rest of the post.

A bunch of motherfuckers are talking shit about the Wayward Pines TV show, saying that it does not make sense. That pisses me off. It DOES make sense. They are absolutely right to think that the adults would have a much more difficult time adapting to their new circumstances than the children, who would have a much easier time. It makes sense that they would want to hide the truth from the adults, but tell the truth to certain children, you assholes! Is it the right move? I don’t know. Perhaps we will see as the show goes forward. However, it DOES make sense. Far too many adults can be real fuckers when it comes to considering possibilities that are out of the ordinary. Many of them WOULD have a much harder time accepting truth that is far outside of the norm. I mean, how many people would think that there’s a chance in hell that I’m telling the truth if I said that my asshole was able to act as a portal to deep space, and that aliens are using my asshole portal to secretly transport to Earth, which makes it look like I’m shitting aliens out of my ass, and that the aliens were trying to take over. I don’t think too many people would even seriously consider it. That would be a problem if it really is happening, though. I mean, I’m not saying it is happening, but if it was, good luck getting many to even take me semi-seriously, other than, maybe, some children, and almost no adults. There you go, aliens. If you want to conquer Earth, just do it in a way that most humans will think is crazy to consider, like using assholes as portals. See, this is how overwhelming evidence can accumulate, and still not be believed by most. Look what happened to The Wright Brothers. Read this asshat’s article in Scientific American Magazine back in 1905, more than one year, at least, AFTER the Wrights took their first flight:


This kind of shit is not isolated. There are many times that people had overwhelming reasoning and evidence and didn’t want to accept it, which has made progress slower than it should have been. Worse, as Nassim Nicholas Taleb pointed out, I think, we humans, too often, have a way of looking back on the past that makes the unexpected discoveries look less unexpected than they actually were. Did you know about this Wright Brothers article? See how this kind of shit happens? Asshats start believing fucked up, warped visions of history that say that people don’t resist possibilities that are out of the ordinary, even though they really do, and, from that, shitheads start talking shit about Wayward Pines supposedly not making sense under the assumption that adults would not resist a seriously out of the ordinary possibility, even though, in reality, they would. Accolades to the folks who wrote Wayward Pines and understood this – and, to you assholes who keep saying it doesn’t make sense…SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! It DOES make sense!


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