I’m A Totalitarian

Freedom is a fantasy. Every organized society, almost by definition, HAS to oppress. I’m pissed the fuck off that there is so much resistance to oppression! Fuck you fucks who resist oppression! I’m a totalitarian. If I was running a country, I would fuck up and/or kill everybody who disagrees with me on things that I have a problem with them disagreeing with me on. I don’t appreciate motherfuckers disagreeing with me. Fuck you evil fucks who disagree with me!!!

Speed The Fuck Up!!!

I don’t appreciate websites being slow. That pisses me the fuck off!!! WordPress was being slow, the other day, and I got pissed the fuck off about it! I don’t need that kinda shit. If I wanted slow websites, I’d go back in time and get dial-up. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!

I Don’t Appreciate When Motherfuckers Ask Questions That They Should Already Know The Answer To

It really pisses me the fuck off when motherfuckers ask questions that they should already know the answer to! I remember when some reporter motherfucker asked a question about why Ann Coulter makes people so angry. The obvious answer is: because she’s a total fucking cunt!!! WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! How the fuck did that motherfucker not already know that? Is he stupid or something? That’s like asking why people like to have sex. Cause it feels good! Why do motherfuckers need people to tell them stuff that they should already know? Learn what the fuck you’re supposed to learn on your own, motherfucker! THAT PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF!!!

Chase Kloetzke Is A Fucking Cunt!!!

Fuck that fucking cunt named Chase Kloetzke! She’s a total fucking cunt!!! I don’t appreciate cunts like her existing! That cunt shit all over Llyod Pye saying that she doesn’t believe that the Starchild Skull is real, and used arguments that pseudoskeptics have used even though she claimed that she is not a pseudoskeptic! The bitch even said that she hoped that she was wrong, just like lying pseudoskeptics like to do after trying to hurt the proponents of the paranormal! WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! The Starchild Skull IS and alien skull, and that cunt is doing damage to trying to get it recognized as such. That pisses me the fuck off!!! They need to get the FULL DNA, but I hope that this doesn’t end up killing the efforts to do that. I HATE THAT FUCKING CUNT!!!!!!

I Need Robotic Furniture So That I Don’t Hit My Fucking Feet!!!

GOD DAMN IT TO FUCK!!!!!! I know that I bitched about this, before, like this time:


…but I feel like bitching about it, again, because I hit my fucking foot on a chair! That pissed me the fuck off!!! That fucking chair didn’t need to be there. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! That motherfucker could have moved out of my fucking way, but it didn’t. That pissed me the fuck off!!! I don’t appreciate when shit doesn’t move out of my fucking way when I’m walking through a room. It doesn’t need to be sitting there while I hit it with my foot. I need robotic furniture that will move out of my way when I tell it to. I heard about this in an article the other day:


That’s the kind of stuff that I need. I need to be able to say something like, “Get the fuck outta my fucking way, you fucking piece of shit chair that is just sitting the fuck there!!!” And then it moves. Actually, I should be able to just think and it does it, but I would put up with having to talk to it if it did what I said, so then I wouldn’t have to hit my fucking foot on that fucking chair. FUCK!!!!!!

Be Consistent, You Fucking Fucks!

I get pissed the fuck off when motherfuckers say one thing and then turn around and act in a totally contradictory manner! That pisses me the fuck off!!! I mean, the other day I was chatting with this cunt, and she said she agreed with me, but then the cunt turned right around and acted in a way that totally SCREAMED that she did NOT agree with me. I’m sitting there, like, WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! You just fucking said that you agreed with me. Why are you acting in such a polar opposite way two fucking seconds later? The cunt tried to play it down, and acted like it was a joke. That, also, pissed me the fuck off!!! WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! She sounds like those comedians who say the worst things about people and then act like it is okay for them to do so because they’re comedians. Those comedian fucks also piss me the fuck off!!! I need to make another post about those comedian fucks. Anyway, start being consistent, motherfuckers, and stop trying to play things off as being jokes. THAT PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF!!!