Miesha Tate Is Starting To Piss Me The Fuck Off!

I used to like Miesha Tate, but she’s starting to piss me the fuck off with some of the shit she does. I mean, first off, I found out that she has tit implants. WHAT THE FUCK?! You’re not some fucking porno cunt, Miesha, you’re a fucking professional fighter! You don’t need fucking tit implants! I mean, it ain’t like you’re hurting for dick. You can get all the dick that you want. There are tons of dudes trying to get into your cunt. That leads me to believe that she’s one of those cunts who got tit implants “for herself,” as some of these dumb cunts say. That’s some of the dumbest fucking shit ever! I can’t stand dumb fucking cunts like that! You didn’t do it for yourself, you dumb fucking cunts, you did it because you thought it would make other people like you better, and maybe because you thought it would get you more money! Quit lying to yourselves! So, anyway, Miesha has been having trouble making the right weight for some of her fights because of her fake tits adding weight to her body. Dumb fucking cunt!!! Now people are having conversations about whether or not her tits should count as weight in weigh-ins. It’s so absurd that this is even happening. SHE SHOULDN’T EVEN HAVE FAKE TITS AT ALL!!! So, I was kind of happy to see Miesha get her ass beat by that lesbian from Brazil who tons of people were making a big deal about because she’s the first open lesbian to win a title in The UFC. Miesha fucked the fuck up by going on The Ketogenic Diet, too. It made her lethargic during the fight, and all of that fat that she ate might have also helped to make it difficult for her to make the weight that she needed for the weigh-in, in addition to her fake tits. I think that you can watch the full fight here:

I Hate Science Fiction Writers Who Write Too Much Bad Shit About Technology!

Too many people are talking too much shit about technology, and it pisses me the fuck off!!! One group that, particularly, pisses me the fuck off that’s doing that is too many science fiction writers. Fuck those assholes! They do too much bashing technology, and they make tech look bad too often, which is particularly fucked up since tech is such a large part of what they write about! FUCK THAT SHIT!!! I think that this is probably due to a number of factors, but the two that come to my mind are lazy writing practices and too much listening to asshole critics who think that science fiction is beneath other kinds of fiction. Too many science fiction writers get into that lazy way of thinking where they hear of a new technology and they want to write about it going horribly wrong in the future. Also, these asshole critics who think that science fiction is beneath them, and whose asses I would like to legalize the beating of for believing such horseshit, talk shit a lot, and that gets a lot of science fiction writers to believe that horseshit, as well, even if only subconsciously, which probably influences their writing towards negative science fiction. They need to quit doing so much of that shit! There is far too much negativity around technology in science fiction, and not enough portraying of technology as good. There’s also a certain amount of this in the real world, as well, so that might have something to do with it, as well. A lot of motherfuckers wanted to talk shit about self-driving cars when they logged a bazillion hours and miles with no fatalities just because that first dude died in a crash, in part, because he was not using the self-driving feature properly. Well, fuck all of that shit talking about tech!!! Perhaps it would be best to end with a link to a positive, polar opposite story about self-driving car technology. Here is the link, just below:


Fuck You Evil Fucks Who Believe That Doing Is Better Than Thinking – It Ain’t Always True!!!

I’m tired of all of these evil fucks who act like doing is always better than thinking. FUCK YOU EVIL FUCKS!!! I ain’t no doer, I’m a thinker! It doesn’t make me a bad person, you assholes!!! I’m tired of you people’s shit! I’m better at thinking than doing, but I don’t get the respect that I deserve because too many people in this society think that doing is better than thinking, and I ain’t good at doing, so I have many good ideas that motherfuckers never care to listen to because I ain’t no doer. Doers are more respected in this society, even though they don’t always have the best ideas. Things should be opposite. The doers’ ideas should NOT be as respected as the thinkers’ ideas because doers are not as good at thinking as thinkers. Thinkers, like me, should be more respected than doers, and the thinkers should think of the ideas and the doers should get out there and do the things that the thinkers tell them to do. That would make a lot more sense than this piece of shit society that we have right now. There may be some who realize this, though, as this recent article seems to imply. Here is the link, just below:


The only thing about that article that kinda pissed me off was when they talked about teaching thinkers about the “cost” of inactivity. FUCK THAT SHIT!!! Thinkers don’t need “fixed.” They’re fine the way they are, and they are better than most of the doers. FUCK THESE FUCKS WHO ARE TRYING TO CHANGE THINKERS BECAUSE THEY’RE STUCK IN A PIECE OF SHIT MINDSET OF THEIR PIECE OF SHIT SOCIETY THAT TEACHES THEM THAT DOING IS BETTER THAN THINKING!!! STOP THAT SHIT, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES!!! Perhaps it would be best to end with a quotation from Gore Vidal, which probably applies to me even more than him, or anyone else:

“There is no human problem which could not be solved if people would simply do as I advise.”

The Guide To Female Sexuality For Dumb Fucking Cunts

It happened, again, a couple of nights ago when I was watching The Match Game. This dumb fucking cunt named Cheryl Hines made an off-hand comment about how she can’t fathom why anyone would want a picture of a dude’s balls. WHAT THE FUCK?! That was pretty fucked up that she just told the world that she thinks that her husband’s balls are disgusting, along with every other dude’s balls. Cheryl, you dumb fucking cunt, let me answer the question for you. Any chick who is ACTUALLY heterosexual would like pictures of dudes’ balls, unlike dumb fucking cunts like you, Cheryl, who claim to be heterosexual, but are NOT! I bitched about these kinds of dumb fucking cunts in the past – bitches who claim to be, and truly believe that they are, heterosexual, even as they also claim that they are not sexually attracted to a cock and a set of balls, and many are even grossed out by cock and balls. You can read that post here:


Then, after that, I also bitched about dumb fucking cunts who truly believe that they are lesbians, and yet they ARE sexually attracted to cock and balls, so much so that they jill off while watching gay male porn! You can read that post here:


So, to recap, we have a bunch of dumb fucking cunts calling themselves heterosexual, and they do NOT like cock and balls, and another bunch of dumb fucking cunts calling themselves lesbians, and those supposed lesbians DO like cock and balls, and even like to watch dudes having sex with each other! Why the fuck are more people not pissed the fuck off about this idiocy, like me? Why doesn’t someone say to Cheryl Hines, “What the fuck is wrong with you, you dumb fucking cunt?” Why doesn’t Cheryl’s husband take his ass to the divorce attorney the moment he hears her say that she doesn’t like balls? WHAT THE FUCK?! If a male celebrity said, on national television, that he was heterosexual, but that he couldn’t understand why anyone would want a picture of one of those ugly pussies that chicks have…well, first of all, more people would probably question his sexuality. Also, his wife, if he had one, and if she was halfway intelligent, would take her ass to the divorce lawyer before that episode was over. Also, feminist cunts would whine about supposed “hatred of vagina,” or other stupid feminist shit like that. (but that’s a subject for another post…) Why doesn’t anyone react that way when Cheryl Hines says that she is not attracted to balls? THAT PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF!!! So, anyway, thinking about that, and other stupid things that these dumb fucking cunts say about their own sexuality, leads me to believe that far too many females are dumb fucking cunts when it comes to their own sexuality, so I guess I have to be the one to educate these dumb fucking cunts. So, if you’re a smart chick, or even a halfway smart chick, then you don’t need to keep reading. I mean, you can keep reading if you want to, but it won’t be telling you anything that you don’t already know. Then again, if you ARE a dumb fucking cunt, THEN LISTEN THE FUCK UP!!!

The Guide To Female Sexuality For Dumb Fucking Cunts

Okay, this ain’t complicated, you dumb fucking cunts! There are four groups. PAY THE FUCK ATTENTION!!!

  1. Heterosexual: All of you dumb fucking cunts who are calling yourselves heterosexual and are NOT sexually attracted to cock and balls need to STOP calling yourselves heterosexual! You do NOT fit into this group! Also, those dumb fucking cunts calling themselves lesbians but also jilling off while watching gay male porn – MOST of you do NOT fit into this group, either, but you are NOT calling yourselves heterosexual. A few of you might fit into this category, but not most. How can you know if you do? Well, ask yourself if you are sexually attracted to chicks. If the answer is NO, then you DO fit into this category. (I don’t know why you’d be calling yourself a lesbian if you are NOT sexually attracted to chicks…) However, if the answer is YES, then you, obviously, do NOT fit into this category.
  2. Homosexual/Lesbian: Okay, some of you dumb fucking cunts who are calling yourselves heterosexual but who are not sexually attracted to cock and balls fit into this category. However, MOST do NOT. How do you know? Well, ask yourself one question: are you sexually attracted to chicks? If the answer is YES, then you DO fit into this category. If the answer is NO, then you do NOT fit into this category. This ain’t rocket science, you dumb fucking cunts! FIGURE IT THE FUCK OUT!!! However, those cunts who ARE attracted to cock and balls, and DO jill off while watching gay male porn, YOU DUMB FUCKING CUNTS NEED TO STOP CALLING YOURSELVES LESBIANS!!! THAT’S DUMB AS FUCK!!! YOU DO NOT FIT IN THIS CATEGORY!!!
  3. Bisexual: All of you dumb fucking cunts calling yourselves heterosexual who are NOT attracted to cock and balls obviously do NOT fit into this category. However, most of you dumb fucking cunts who call yourselves lesbians but jill off watching gay male porn DO fit into this category. Some of you may fit into the heterosexual category, above, and you can check it for instructions as to how to tell. However, if you do NOT fit into the heterosexual category, above, and you ARE sexually attracted to chicks, then you dumb fucking cunts fit into this category. This is the category that you fit into if you have sexual attraction to chicks and you also have sexual attraction to cock and balls. (and you dumb fucking cunts CLEARLY DO have sexual attraction to cock and balls – I mean, you ARE jilling off while watching GAY MALE PORN, after all…) STOP CALLING YOURSELVES LESBIANS AND START CALLING YOURSELVES BISEXUAL!!!
  4. Asexual: Obviously, you dumb fucking cunts who jill off while watching gay male porn, and, therefore, are CLEARLY sexually attracted to cock and balls, do NOT fit into this category. However, with respect to you dumb fucking cunts who are NOT sexually attracted to cock and balls, but calling yourselves heterosexual, well, some of you fit into the lesbian category, and you can read that one to see if you fit into it, but most of you do NOT fit into the lesbian category because you are NOT sexually attracted to chicks, either. So, if you do NOT fit the lesbian category, or any of the other categories above, then congratulations! You’ve come to the end of the line! By default, you are asexual! That’s what it means when you have no sexual attraction to anyone! STOP CALLING YOURSELVES HETEROSEXUAL AND START CALLING YOURSELVES ASEXUAL!!!

Ya got it, dumb fucking cunts? It really pisses me the fuck off that I have to explain this to you! Failure to use these terms properly confuses other dumb fucking cunts! FIGURE IT THE FUCK OUT, AND START USING THESE TERMS PROPERLY!!!

Luke Aikins Fucked You Evil Pseudoskeptic Fucks The Fuck Up!!!

EDIT: FUCK!!! That video, just above, does not work, any more. That pisses me the fuck off! It worked when I posted it, but it looks like it was taken down so that someone could try to make more money. GOD DAMN IT TO JESUS FUCKING FUCK!!! Well, I’ll post another one, just below. We’ll see how long that one lasts. The rest of the post, beneath the video just below, is from my original post. Here is the video:

Take a look at that video, just above, you evil pseudoskeptic fucks. You just got fucked the fuck up!!! You evil pseudoskeptic fucks were calling Luke Aikins crazy and a nutjob for even thinking that he might be able to jump from a plane without a parachute or a wingsuit and survive without significant injury. (or death) Well, that crazy nutjob just did it, last night, and I watched it on TV as it was happening. YOU EVIL PSEUDOSKEPTIC FUCKS JUST GOT FUCKED THE FUCK UP!!! If he had listened to you evil pseudoskeptic fucks, he would have never tried, and most people would probably continue to believe that it is impossible, but, instead, Aikins proved that it WAS and IS possible! We need to stop these evil pseudoskeptic fucks from calling people names when they try to do things that pseudoskeptic types think are impossible. It looks like Aikins was just crazy enough to pull it off! Like the words of the Billy Joel song go, “You may be right – I may be crazy – But it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for!”

Remove Evil Shit!!!

I bitched, in the past, about an evil motherfucker posting evil shit, and an evil moderator who was allowing him. Here it that link, just below:


There is a deeper point, though. I’m pissed the fuck off about how no one can ever seem to get any comments taken down on most United States websites, unless they offend some privileged minority group or they threaten some kind of violence…and sometimes not even then! That pisses me the fuck off!!! When motherfuckers post wrong, evil shit, it needs to get taken down! I hate motherfuckers who suck The First Amendment’s cock so much that they try to resist taking any comments down! That pisses me the fuck off!!! Fuck you evil motherfuckers! Stop supporting The First Amendment and sucking The First Amendment’s cock!!! Anyway, I don’t agree with everything in this article that I read, but I agree with most of it, and I think it needs to be said, and the dude who wrote it could probably say it in a more highbrow way than me, so I’ll post the link to the article, just below:



I hate that cunt from that TV show called “Zoo” named Chloe Tousignant! She’s a dumb fucking cunt. I bitched about her, before, which you can read by following the link, just below:


Well, they actually killed off this cunt! The only thing that kinda pisses me off is that I didn’t get to be the one to kill her. She pisses me the fuck off!!! I’m also pissed off at the dude that liked her. How the fuck would you like a cunt that didn’t even want to go out on a date with you, even after you saved her life?! He’s a dumb fuck. I hope that his dumb ass dies, too! Fuck that motherfucker! Then again, I hate all of the humans on that show and I hope that the non-humans kill all of the humans. Well, I’ll be pissed off if they bring that cunt back to life, but, for now, at least, it’s a celebration:

I Hate Motherfuckers Who Post Evil Shit!!!

I’m pissed the fuck off!!! Here’s a link to my last post, just for good measure:


In that post, I posted a link to another site. At that site, some motherfucker going by the name “Bob Tavis” (I don’t know if that is his real name, or not) has been posting evil, wrong shit in the comments section. I HATE THAT MOTHERFUCKER!!! Here’s what this motherfucker posted:

“He never indicated that he clearly believed the Orbo power pack worked the way the dudes at Steorn said it would.”

He was talking about Frank Acland. Now, take a look at the title of the article that Frank wrote:

“ECW Orbo Testing — Orbo Cell Now Behaving According to Steorn’s Claims (New Video Posted)”

Frank wrote both the title and the article. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! How could this evil motherfucker, named “Bob Tavis,” say that shit?! I think that we need to legalize beating the living shit out of evil motherfuckers like that, until they get an attitude adjustment! I also think that we should legalize beating the living shit out of people like Michael Ferrier, who allowed this evil, “Bob Tavis” motherfucker to post wrong, evil shit on his site, and didn’t even take it down! I used to have respect for Ferrier and his site, but not any more. Fuck Michael Ferrier and fuck “Bob Tavis!!!”